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SLQ is unlike any other assessment of personality and leadership in the world today. Specifically designed to be particularly relevant for law enforcement, military, and defense contractor applications, SLQ goes beyond the traditional leadership measures of Authentic, Ethical, Charismatic or Transformational types of leadership. The SLQ survey results report on key dimensions of strategic leadership that are overlooked in all other existing leadership measures, such as:

 Command Leadership        Self-Efficacy        Victory Orientation

 Strategic Prudence      Information control      Benevolent Comradery


These key results are reported alongside results for personality, work-style preferences, and other 360 degree reports on perceived leadership compiled from peers, subordinates and supervisors.

The SLQ survey has a demonstrated history and validation results among thousands of civilian participants in dynamically competitive environments since its development in 2009 and show that scores on the SLQ predict subsequent long-term career success and occupational prestige better than any other personality or leadership measures in the published academic literature.

Taking this survey and knowing the result, however, is not enough to pave the path of improving agency morale, community relations and officer productivity. This is why we go two steps further in developing and supporting the warrior, servant, leader that your agency and community desire in protecting and serving your citizens.


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SLQ Training

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